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Sildisoft 100

Sildisoft 100
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Generic Viagra

Sildisoft 100 pills are used for treating men with erectile dysfunction (which is also referred to as impotence), which is when a man is not able to achieve or cannot maintain a stiffer penile erection that is hard enough for satisfying sexual performance.

Sildisoft 100 is the name given to a chewable preparation of sildenafil citrate. This component in the medicine is classified as a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. The medication is the active ingredient in blue pills. The medication works by adjusting the body systems, which enables a penile erection in presence of sexual stimulation. Usually, during sexual stimulation, a natural body chemical known as nitric oxide works on the on the blood vessels in the penile, which helps them to relax and widen. More flow of blood can then enter the penile, which makes it larger for the purposes of sexual activity. The medicine Sildisoft 100 acts by enhancing the level of nitric oxide, which in turn, relaxes the penile blood vessels, and leads to a stiffer penile erection.

You can simply chew the entire tablet approx. an hour before planned lovemaking session. The medication Sildisoft 100 is to be consumed between half and one hour after eating a meal. The starting dose is usually 100 mg pill once in a day. However, in case, you consider the effectiveness to be too strong or too weak, visit your doctor who can adjust the dose accordingly. Avoid consumption of larger dose than your doctor has recommended and only take the pill once in a day.

Most common reported side effect with consumption of Sildisoft 100 is a headache. Other commonly experienced side effects are a flushed face, indigestion, visual problems, congested nose and feeling dizzy. Some men might have prolonged and painful penile erection that, if persist for more than four hours, should warrant immediate medical attention.

Let your doctor know about a condition like chest pains during or after sexual intercourse or any problems that might develop with your heart.


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