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Filitra medicine composed of Vardenafil is employed to treat impotence in men. Impotence issue in men is also known as erectile dysfunction. The medicine works by relaxing muscles within the phallus and helps to enhance blood flow in it. It serves men for getting and maintaining a penile erection in presence of sexual stimulation. It is going to be noted that the medicine does not defend against sexually transmitted diseases and does not cure dysfunction.

Vardenafil is a medicinal ingredient that is integrated into numerous Erectile Dysfunction medications. This component is generally available in 10 and 20 mg potency. The dosage is best prescribed by a doctor as per your health condition. Consuming this Filitra medicine can effectively eradicate concerns that are associated with Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence is a condition that affects penile erection. Under influence of Erectile Dysfunction, the affected man fails to get his reproductive organ into a considerably harder state which is suitable for having a sexual intercourse. This leads to sexual difficulties and psychological issues in impotent men. Thus, consuming Filitra can help impotent men to overcome ED issues.

Impotence issue in men is a complex process within the body, and it significantly depends on the circulation of blood. It is a procedure that involves transmitting signals to the mind with regards to release of chemical envoy that are present in the tissues of the male sex organ. Cyclic GMP (cGMP) is one of the necessary chemical messengers that are fired up when Nitric Oxide (NO) – which is released on arousal – binds with Guanylate Cyclase (cGMP). The release of chemical messenger plays a vital role in delivering appropriate erection process.

However, PDE-5, on the other hand, cracks this chain of events and gets a total arrest to the erection process. Basically, the production of PDE-5 in the body leads to the collapse of cGMP and hence, erection is not achieved. However, when Vardenafil is consumed, it undermines the action of Phosphodiesterase type 5 and thus promotes the level of cGMP. This helps to maintain dilated blood vessels and muscles become relaxed. This ensures that penile shaft receives sufficient blood that gets filled in the organ and leads to engorged and harder penile erection.

The medication Filitra composed of Vardenafil is available in 3 standard dosages of 10, 20 and 40 mg. Along with dosages; the medicine is also available in two oral forms like a conventional tablet and sublingual tablet form. The medicine is recommended for consumption properly only as prescribed by your doctor. Vardenafil component is needed for consumption orally but has to be ingested only upon getting a thorough direction concerning dosage from the doctor. Vardenafil commode medicine does not turn on the individual on its own for sexual intercourse.

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