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Himalaya Drug Company began working in 1930. A curious young man that was riding through the forests of Burma saw some restless elephants that were being fed through the root of a plant, Rauwolfia serpentina, which actually helped to pacify them. Fascinated by the plant's effect on elephants, this young man, Mr. M. Manal is the founder of Himalaya and wanted to scientifically test the properties of herbs.

With no money and a pocketful of dreams, he pawned to get a hand-operated tableting machine. The years, which followed were a time of endurance and a test of the young man, strength and complete passion.

At Himalaya Drug Company, research might begin with raw herbs that are chosen from traditional texts and from observations and experiences of some indigenous plants. The team of herbalists in this company study texts, both traditional and scientific, exhaustively for some relevant data. Few herbs of promising activity are short-listed by this company. Polyherbal formulations of such short-listed herbs are made for providing a wider scope of pharmacological and cosmetic activity. Multicentered, double-blind trials as per the WHO criteria further assist in scientifically validating the formulations.

Today, the company Himalaya Drug Company has created a state-of-the-art Research and Development facility that is located at Bengaluru that is one of the best available, for the traditional medicine anywhere present in the world. Approx. over 40 qualified doctors and scientists are constantly at work, developing and evaluating numerous drugs and therapies.

At Himalaya Drug Company, they have pioneered the use of modern science for rediscovering and validating Ayurveda's secrets. The company employs cutting-edge research for creating pharmaceutical-grade ayurvedic products. Natural, effective and safe, such products have helped thousands of people for living healthier and richer lives. The focus is on wellness; on helping people to get healthy and stay healthy.

Today, the Himalaya drug company brand is synonymous with safe and efficacious herbal medications. Starting off operations in Dehradun from way back in the 1930s, this herbal company spread its wings to Mumbai and across the country. In 1975, the company has set up an advanced manufacturing facility in Makali, Bengaluru, in India.

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