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Several years ago in the family of PDE5 inhibitors, new medication treats Erectile Dysfunction (ED) called as Avana. The medicine is a generic analog to the world-famous Erectile Dysfunction drugs, which held the monopoly on the pharmacy market. Due to this particular medicine effectiveness and safeness, it might turn out to be very successful and have gained much popularity within the male. Thousands of men can simply take a medicine and helps in enjoying a happy sex life.

The main active component of this medicine is Avanafil. It works in the same manner as Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalafil. The basic principle of the medication is to boost up the flow of blood in the penile region and help to achieve and hold a stable and prolonged penile erection in man.

A pill of Avana is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and works in just 15 minutes of medicine consumption, while the full effectiveness is reached in 30 to 45 minutes of consumption. One more advantage is also that the medicine has fewer side effects as compared with other ED treating solutions.

If you order Avana, you can enjoy sexual life at the highest level of pleasure, as the quantity shall be enough for countless unforgettable nights and complete moments. But anyway, you must consult your healthcare provider about the appropriate dosage that shall suit the capability of body and is not harmful to your health.

Talking about the therapeutic prescription of Avanafil composed Avana pills; it mainly focuses on ED treatment. Impotence issue in man is characterized as an inability for reaching and maintaining a stiffer penile erection. In the majority of cases, impotence issues are caused or accompanied by age-related factors. Such factors include stress, bad eating habits, working conditions, health dysfunction, which can further lead to ED. The result appears that male population even younger than 40 are deprived of conducting healthy sexual life.

You can ask the therapist about how to take Avana medicine for getting maximum effective outcomes. Ordinarily swallow one tablet approx. 15 minutes or half an hour before sexual intimacy. The initial dose to be used for an adult starter is 100mg. For more effective result dosage can be raised up to 200mg. Note that any dosage increase that a patient uses has to be agreed with the doctor.

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