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Malegra 120

Malegra 120
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Generic Viagra

Malegra 120 is a drug for treating ED or erectile dysfunction in man. The medicine has the same active ingredient as the blue pill. Impotence issue is a common condition among older men. However, younger men might also experience it. There are various factors, which may have caused your ED. Stress, certain medicines, and other psychological issues are just some of the causes you are not having a penile erection.

The main issue of impotence is that the blood that flows to your penile region is restricted or blocked. When you consume this Malegra 120 drug, the active ingredient and other components of it shall improve blood flow towards your penile, thereby, helping to achieve a stiffer penile erection.

The medication is approved by the FDA hence. You can safely use the medicine, as long as you have already consulted your doctor. As previously mentioned, this impotence treating medicine works like ED drug as it contains the same chemical called as sildenafil citrate.

There must be sexual stimulation for achieving a stiffer penile erection. As soon as your brain gets a signal that you are being sexually stimulated, it sends signals to the blood vessels for enhancing the flow towards the penile. As a result of this appropriate flow of blood, you will experience hardness throughout sexual intercourse. The medicine does not work as long as you are sexually aroused.

Impotence usually takes place when there are blockages within the blood vessels, which carries blood to the penile region. Malegra 120 medicine removes those blockages for enhancing the flow of blood in the penile region.

Sildenafil Citrate content in this medicine acts as an inhibitor of PDE5 that is an enzyme, which restricts blood flow. It is the same enzyme, which makes arteries stiffer. When its actions are blocked, blood flow shall enhance that result in better, harder penile erection. This is one of the reasons so as to why a doctor prescribes this medicine to their patients suffering from ED.


Malegra 120 pills are not safe for every man. Hence, it is highly recommended for you to consult your physician before attempting to use this drug for your ED. Despite its affordability, the medicine is safe and effective as it is manufactured by WHO and GMP certified laboratory.


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