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Assurans 20

Assurans 20
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Generic Viagra

Assurans 20 is composed of Sildenafil Citrate for treating impotence issue in man. The medicine helps to relax and dilate the blood vessels in the body. The medicine helps to increase the blood flow in various parts of the body. The medicine works over ED in man for having wonderful lovemaking session.

The medicine helps the muscles around the blood vessels walls for relaxing and enhancing the flow of blood to specific areas of the body. The medicine is also used for treating ED. The reason could be impotence or the inability for maintaining or achieving stiffer penile. The PDE5 inhibitor component in the medicine relaxes and dilates blood vessels that are present in your lungs, for improving the blood flows in penile.

Assurans 20 is the regular potency which is recommended for men that are healthy and those who belongs to 25 to 55 years. The medication is known to be the best taken in compliance with the instruction of the doctor. There should be a gap of at least 60 minutes between consumption of ED medication and sexual activity. Impotence treating medicine in conventional tablet form is not to be chewed, powdered or broken in any case before it is consumed unless it is prescribed by the doctor.

The medicine Assurans should be consumed with water for optimal effects. A man should ensure for maintaining a gap of 24 hours between consumption of multiple dosages. A man should not take more than one dose of this pill once in a day.

Some common side effects of Assurans 20 include dizziness, headache, blurred vision, stuffy nose, pain in the back or in the muscles, stomach upset, trouble sleeping, etc. However, if you experience symptoms including pain in the bladder, indigestion, bloody urine, bone pain, migraine headache or enhance in the frequency of urination; it is better for consulting your doctor as soon as possible.

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